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Reviews for "H3I5T"

fun,well made flash

whatevahperson: to get over the first set of cameras you have to jump several obstacles until your lined up with the wall. Once you jump the gate, their is another camera on the left side of the palace entrance which you can't get passed(even if you crouch). However, if you go to the other side of the palace entrance youll be able to continue.

Looks great, for a flash. However...

It's just not very fun.

This awkward control scheme reminds me of Doom. It was fine back in the early 90s, but feels very out of place now for me. Even with customizable key bindings, it just feels awkward. Why can't I just use a mouse to turn left/right... and shoot/stab? I mean, I think it would work out better if I plugged in a USB gamepad and used joy2key to mimic they keyboard controls. That said, the game, from what I've seen, is easy enough to not have that really be an issue.

The animations, particularly the running one, just looks silly for what I think the tone of the game is. Plus, since that animation happens while running backward as well, it's just... strange. 2d in a 3d environment looks bad in general to me though.

Speaking of the environment, it looks nice for a flash. What I've seen of it anyway. Draw distances and whatnot feel a bit short, but it's somewhat understandable.

While I like fanservice, the outfit in general is overkill. Especially for the type of mission this sort of should be. And come on, in a snowy area of all places?

I understand the limitations of gameplay mechanics for a flash game... but why do cameras equate to instant failure? I want to shoot them.

For my gun, I want to know how many round I have left, not a meter. Why can't I store extra ammo clips either? The fanservice suit not have enough space to keep extra ammo along with money? I want a gun that reloads, not a maximum ammo powerup.

I haven't gotten far at all, but getting caught by the first cameras at the gate because I take one step too far is plain annoying. I'm betting I have to find a random spot in the wall or something to get past... but I've already gone through both sides for 15 minutes. Found a health powerup and ammo powerup, but it's kind of pointless, since I just can't progress and I'm bored.

I also restarted and literally ran around gathering all the enemies to one corner. It worked out reasonably well until I ran out of ammo (I wish I had clips). They couldn't seem to hit me while I was firing at them too, which I found strange.

I understand a lot of time must have been spent on this project of yours. And that I've only seen the beginning. But a bit more polish and direction to get the player started would have made this a far better experience.

Also, I found it somewhat annoying how much clicking to skip the beginning animations actually skips. One click for everything was too large of a jump; I did enjoy the opening movie of this.