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Reviews for "H3I5T"

mixed opinions..

As i read all the reviews i am stunned.. how the f*ck can anyone even hate this game?
Sure at the start it sucked getting used to everything, like the sh*tty controls (which you can now change to your own likeness) OR the fact that you get no explanations what so ever about what to do or how to do it (like the hacking system).

At first i had exactly the same, i didn't like this game. Maybe because i didn't give it a chance. But after almost playing it to the ending (at the main safe) it's a god damn impressive game. If you don't agree i want to see you make a better one.

No this reminds me greatly of games like 'Hitman' and such. You have to be SMART. Have PATIENCE. Most important: Don't be a little whining quitter.

Yeah i'm talking to you 'Pointdexters' complaining is all you do.
This game deserves better, really.

Weird graphics, could use improvement

Why is this M? lol!
Fun game btw :D
The graphics really were weird though, maybe it's just me, but yea.
Could use improvement in that way.
I liked the gameplay though, was fun!


I'm sorry, you probably put a lot of time and effort into this, but it wasn't realy that
good, the idea of 2D images navigating in a 3D space made for a strange visual style, and the lack of a tutorial mission left me constantly checking the controls, and having to die a whole bunch of times before realizing how to actually play the game.
Despite my previous complaints, it was at least entertaining and was a break from all of the 2D sidescrollers that this site is host to
7/10- good, but needs improvement



One complain.

Terrible russian translation... :S