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Reviews for "H3I5T"

I though it was good.

I didnt have a problem with the controls but it would have been nice to be able to aim. It could have used some more nudity as well.

Technically unsound

Focusing too much on making everything in Russian and not enough on gameplay. Less of a shooter and more of a needlessly 3D platformer. Controls have no default WASD support. Stylish, but not fun to play.

Lacking something

A lot of work was put into this project and it shows. Animation is fluid, graphics are appealing, and the situation is interesting.
The problem for me is that it seems to be in the middle between two different types of stealth games. One is where there is no way to hide but you know guard locations so the problem is finding the correct path. The other is having a limited view but having many different ways to hide from enemies so the difficulty comes from using the means of stealth available to you.
This game gives you a limited view (and by that I mean there is a short draw distance allowing guards to see you before you see them and the radar's range seems to be even less than that) but there seems to be no way to hide so even if I can locate a guard there doesn't seem to be much more I can do than run and pray.
To give an example: At the very beginning I walked forward and saw a flag in front of me with a tree and bush a distance in front of it. I fell to a crawling position and sneaked up behind the bush to watch for guards. I tried this several times (to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong) and every time a guard would show up, see me through the bush, and attack. Why doesn't the bush or tree act as cover? The only thing I could seem to use was the walls in the area which were so tall I couldn't see over or around them so they didn't allow me any security.
What it boils down to is that as much as I tried to play this game stealthy it just kept shooting me down (literally!). If this game had a greater draw distance (so I could see guard's patrol routes with safety allowing for greater strategy) and allowed me to hide behind things that i should reasonably be able to hide behind (such as bushes and trees) I would have had a much better time playing it.
Also, as some others have suggested, a tutorial mission, no matter how brief, would be much appreciated as this is a rather involved game and it would be less frustrating to new players if they were allowed to get used to the control scheme without being shot down by guards every few seconds.


wha the...?
well...the graphics and the idea of gameplay was pretty good..but sincerely don't liked the controls,are all a kinda messed up,and I couldn't understand what I was doing.yeah,maybe is a beginning

I'll put it this way...

I'd rather play Wolfenstein... The controls are absurd for a 3rd person shooter (yes I know I can change them but it would be nice if you would aim and shoot with the mouse like in... every other 3rd and 1st person shooter), you're given way too much space when actually you can't see in the distance (at least in the first level. I just got tired of playing it), it was pretty laggy for me and it looks like it takes itself too seriously... Although, the music was OK, the graphics were great and the story seemed good, it's just the game itself thats bad...