Reviews for "8-bit Hero"

Short. 8-bit. Fast-paced. Your style. Loved it! 8-Bit Vengeance is still my favorite so far, but this is seriously catchy.
Keep it up! Awesome as always.

You were thinking about Megman when you made this! I can feel a montage of the blue bomber as I listened to this! Short, but memorable and makes you feel excited for the up coming action! I LOVE IT!

Why are no games featuring this track? (I see one entry, but no results when I click on it.)

It's phenomenal!

This track is probably one of my favorites I've ever heard on newgrounds. Totally makes me think of megaman. Kudos, very good job.

This track is very catchy.

I have used as part of a secret project of mine.

I hope to see more newgrounds submissions use this excellent piece of music.