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Reviews for "PokeMan : Revenge"


Hey that was good my favorite part was when he said 'you got cought by a majickarp?!?!' that made me like Wtf but that was good i wish i could make videos like that i really suck!


I always did want to know what goes on inside a pokeball XD
Nice Flash

It's good, but...

This is NOWHERE NEAR as stally as the 3rd gen metagame got.

This is a review. What else did you expect?

I'm gonna just point out the flaws right now to get them over with. There was no mouth animation and the voice acting was a bit lacking. Now the good parts. The animation was really smooth and fluid in most parts and the remix of the Pokemon battle theme was really nice. The sound effects matched perfectly and you managed to work humor into the video as well. Overall, 9/10. Very good.

lol woww he got caught by a magikarp.

lol funnny XDD