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Reviews for "PokeMan : Revenge"


Great Job! I like that you really took your time animating the pokemon.

voice acting

I think overall this animation is pretty fantastic. The animation is fluid, the music is fitting (duh its pokemon music) and the humour, although strange, was rather funny (for me at least). The one issue I had was the lack of lip movement for your talking sections. Yeah I couldn't do it in a million years because I don't animate but I'm sure it's please all the viewers. Good animation and fine work

haitam responds:

Yeah I kinda lost motivation after animating the fighting scenes (which took the most time obviously) ,but I'll keep that in mind next time !

Animation good, voice acting bad

Fight was cool. Jokes were OK. Lack of lip sync and sub-par voice acting. Could have used a little echo on the voice to suggest thoughts.