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Reviews for "PokeMan : Revenge"

Lvl. 100 Magikarp

The animation was epic and it was funny, High Five :D


I've waited so long to see someone captured in a poke'ball and this happens! But when the trainer was talking to himself, it was a bit too soft. Either way, I liked the animation sequence and terribly funny when the other trainer got caught by a Magikarp. HAHAHA SO LAME XD Great job anyways.

Nice animation

The animation was good and mostly smooth. The facial expression was funny.
The audio for the voice could have been more clear and softer to match the volume of the sound effects of the pokemon battle to be more consistent, if that makes sense.

But overall, a job well done.

>not throwing ice

i seriously hope you don't do that.

Catchin' trainers

that was pretty awesome, but still wonder how the hell magikarp caught him. :p