Reviews for "Baldrop"

I love it.

This game is great. Calming, pleasant music increases the harmony of this game. The physics are fairly realistic, and I like how you put some facts on why the ball reacts the way it does. NG needs more games like these.


a great golf game!
With great physics I must add.


Forget the game for a second, that song is seriously one of the best pieces of music I've ever heard. I doubt I'll get a reaction to this, but can I find a way to download that song?

Excellent game

It's a really nice little puzzle game, and I like how you can keep trying over and over until you get it right, really helps to get the feel for how the game's gravity works. The calming music is also very good.

The music

It makes me wanna cry while having fun at the same time. As for the gameplay, it was unique and challenging at times. It got frustrating at one point (level 21) where I had to adjust my mouse by *precise* pixels to pass. Overall, a very fun game.