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Reviews for "Totally Odd"

This was a very bizarre and sick game; I respect that in a human being. The game was loaded with subtle clever wit. Also, clay animation was a different and welcome pace; whether you used software for it or not. It's the thought[s] that count. It was an exciting adventure game: one that made one to push logic and and reason. I was glad that I only had to restart a level, when I made the wrong move. It took me a long time to figure it all out, but it was rewarding, of sorts. Snick! Snick!

Another funmedal game

And here we have another decent entry, I was suprised actually because i was not expecting anything here, but you have suprised me with something pretty entertaining, and it was very nifty on how you presented this and how it all came together so nice effort here. Wow this game too me by suprise, i love that its all by "CLAY" thats something very differant that you have not seen on here so much have took you a good while here, very nice indeed, firstlevel was fairly easy, The walkthru is helpfull, esepcially after you get to the 2nd level and beyond, So fun game all the way thru good sound/fx nice effects and really good idea here. I just want to say congrats on the awards, not everyone gets the chance to get some but when you do its pretty awsome so congratdson the hard work and hard effort to acheive them. This was an interesting submission it was rather unique and held my interest to the highest so that i have you to thank for and a decent entry, so decent work here, now thats not to say that things could be better or improved because it can just takes more tome,

Somany ways to improve on things, and there might be a few here but before i get to that, this was a pretty interesting piece, and wouldnt mind seeing more, but anyways i may post a few ideas that may help then again they may not help but i hope they do, So one idea might be to have an Ingame walkthru would be nice instead of having to leave game and such.

HOLY SHIT ITS CLAY, damm, your good,

all i have to say is WTF???

Very good, in general. Not baffling, but crazy hard that I love this so much.

Story: Not much of a story, though the plot seems fascinating. I like how Iisha is actually a robot. Just fascinating. It's somehow funny, with the clay violence and all. But it seems very shallow, and the grammar is very confusing, though I understand the content. Overall, the story is okay, but you need to improve it in some parts, like your English grammar, for example.

Graphics: It's cute and amazing at the same time on how you use claymation. Especially since it subdues the violence going on here. I'm impressed on how many actions you were able to input here. Just stunning, actually. Speaking of animation, it's pretty smooth for claymation, and I like how not everything is made out of clay, because that would be annoying. The detail is not much, but I have to say, I can see your finger prints. Overall, the graphics is okay too.

Gameplay: My favorite part of this game is its gameplay. I like the fact that you can fail if you mess up, then immediately start again without unnecessary animation and stuff. The puzzles are challenging, but still fun. I find all the puzzles fun. And they always make sense. Is there anything wrong? Not really, but the last level is supposed to be the hardest, which you made the easiest. It was annoying how I wasn't challenged at the last part, but hey, there's always the other levels to remember, right? Overall, the gameplay is good.

Sounds: Sound effects always make a game more complex. The sound effects were fitting, but... The level where you use the bird for speaking needed voices, you could have given voices for the telephone and the bird. That would've been nice. Otherwise, the sound is great. Giving people the choice to turn of the background music was nice of yous, even if the background music was fine. Overall, the sound was fine, but you could've added a little more.

Player Impact: Many players love it. I think I've seen one "hater" only. Everybody loves the claymation and the puzzles. They also love the oddness of it all. Most importantly, we all hope to see more from you. This game has made a good impact on its players. Keep up the good work!

Overall: It's just weird. Weird in a good way, of course. I hope to see more. Kudos to everyone who worked on this project.

Score: 33/50
Percentage: 66% or 6.6/10 (roughly 7) or 3.3/5 stars (roughly 3 stars)