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Reviews for "Mouse Maze:No Mouse 2.5"


Not bad, but I'd say it could use quite a bit of work.

The graphics aren't great, but at least they improve as the flash goes on. You should try your best to keep the graphics consistent throughout the whole flash.

The music is okay, but after a short while, it starts to get repetative and quite boring. Not long after, it starts to get annoying. Maybe you should try to change th music every few levels to keep it less annoying.

The actual game play is good for the most part, but in some parts the path was way to thin to make it through without a ton of tries, which can get really frustrating even if you could see the mouse.

You know, this game reminds meof those parts on the impossible quiz where your mouse would go invisible.

Overall, this was a decent attempt at this relatively uncommon type of gameplay and I commend you for that.

<Review Request Club>

Not too bad

The graphics and the story didn't disappoint me. The first few levels were much too bland, but later on the graphics were better. The SpaceCakeNinja's cave was probably the nicest level.
The story isn't something to keep playing for, but a nice addition. Maybe you could, for the story or to make later levels easier, make some objects that you have to pick up?

The general idea is executed nice too. What I sometimes see is a flickering cursor or things like that, but this game had no glitches at all.

The music wasn't too irritating for me. It wasn't the best, but good enough for a game. I didn't feel the urge to have a mute button, although it's always good to have one, along with a "go to the main menu" button.

Also, for another cheat, you can press tab before the level starts while holding your mouse button over the end. Due to that, I could see the ending. But that was a bit disappointing. At least, if the "Ta daaa :D" screen is the end. It would be even better if you made an animation or something like that.

This game is insanely hard, at least for me. Probably even with a visible mouse this would be hard. I could only beat the first four levels without cheating. That doesn't mean it's bad though. It does mean that it would be great to have some sort of tutorial/easy mode.

Overall this isn't a bad game, and there has certainly been put some time in it. Make some of the levels look nicer, make some additions and the game will be much better though.

Review request club

Rather annoying, from start to finish

Working out how fast you're moving your mouse from one point to another , with only external references to work on is a good concept for a game, though you're not there yet. You need to first work on your presentation, with better drawing, a mute button to lose that stupid song and possibly more of a plot.

A more difficult level, with Night Vision might be an idea, with really narrow passageways, that you can only see using your NVGs, but for the rest of the level, you must stay invisible, would be a way to take this forward. I think that while I love mazes and I used to really enjoy the electric buzzer maze, where you had to take a metal ring from one end to the other, without buzzing yourself out of the game, I really can't stand these games, myself. Mazes aren't supposed to bite you, so why not have keyboard controls - that's even more difficult in the situation that you've presented us with, since we don't know how far it's moved by the degree of input - just those pesky cannon / cameras to chart our progress.

Glad to see that you closed the cheat loophole, but that does prevent me from reviewing too deep into the game, as I lack the manual dexterity and / or the patience for it, especially with that music.

[Review Request Club]

Annoying music

Well, the idea to hide the cursor is pretty cool. Without the cheat the game would become very hard (almost impossible to beat).

However, the music is very annoying. It's only a short loop that is played over and over again. A mute button would be really nice.

The graphics are okay. I mean, it's only a "mouse maze" game, you can't expect it to have top notch graphics. At least all obstacles are clearly to identify, so that's helping a lot already.

As I've said, I liked the idea of hiding the cursor. It's pretty nice to see a new approach at an old game. In the first levels it was relatively easy to figure out where my cursor is, later on the paths became so narrow that it was almost impossible to beat the game without cheating.

{ Review Request Club }


This is not the Mouse Maze:No Mouse 3.0?
I got all medals!

Kolumbo responds:

No,its not ;)