Reviews for "SS - Human History 1"


I like, like.
This is some imagination tickling stuff.
Nice work on the Extra Credits style!
One thing though... Budda lived in India about 500 BC. Does this story imply that there were other mystics of Tibet before him?

Awsome im Not Old enough To completely Understand

your vids But what i can gather is very intresrting Athough Howm do you tell the diffrance If this stuff is fake or not? Because You dont Exactly Have Alot of Proof Martains came here if they existed Reply to my comment If your willing and we can talk about it more. keep makeing these Videos its intresting to Watch..

your work is deep and useful

thanks for all your lessons

Life on mars.

They recently found mud on mars that contains life.

ahh now there is something

ok lets say the Lucifer came on our planet changing us into war seekers because some wars could be fought solved without war but the lucifers still seek in our eveloution so we fight in war this may explain madness flashes those animations
help our hunger of war