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Reviews for "C.L.A.P. 1 : Tones"

Just go down like yo motha....

This was hilarious!

I learned something new AND was completely entertained. I loved this video and would definately watch another.

Classic comedy

Racism, poor spelling, it has it all

You have earned my 10/10&5/5 good sir!

Quick, simple and to the point with comic references like my mother.


Seriously awesome... my cousins in Taiwan think this is hilarious.

btw, kopaka5374, those are traditional characters. In other words, the characters you ARE SUPPOSED TO USE. Unless you're a lazy chinese dude.

i'm chinese

i sense nothing wrong lesson expt your using the characters they used like a few hundred years ago

RicePirate responds:

traditional characters are still used in a lot of places :)