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Reviews for "C.L.A.P. 1 : Tones"

Educational and sarcastic.

Submissions like this should be made mandatory for people learning to speak languages, or even if they interact with non-english speakers.

Excellent and Hilarious

Absolutely funny as hell. As usual good sir.

And to anyone wondering if this is authentic, it is. I'm living in China now (originally from Canada) and this is what Chinese is all about. Those damn cursed tones.. I hate those things. Makes Chinese one of the hardest languages to learn. It's so easy to say the wrong thing or make no sense at all just by screwing up the tones.

Keep up the good work man. Love your animations. And your voiceover work is top notch.


oh my god, newgrounds translated as xin di?? lolz, nice, I always have problem with the tones, especially the "gan ma" I think I always spelled is as the "being horse" XD


Informative AND Entertaining.

It also serves to explain why it so regularly seems like I'm hearing the same thing over and over again in every second or third sentence when I hear Chinese.

MaAa MaAm Muia

I think i'ts: your mum fucked a horse!