Reviews for "Nyan Cat War"

Not bad

I had fun playing it. For its basic design it's good. From here you can look to upgrade it.

I ended up mapping the keys to my game controller to get a feel for it. When i got around 700s or slightly before, the mobs started becoming a bit too hard to hit. I tired my arm trying to press the shoot button as fast as I could, and just couldn't keep up. This is where the power ups idea would be great... or maybe a hold and release shot or something.

I like the ideas amannamedjayne mentioned. Namely, the powerups and bosses would help. A simple story such as, "Nyan cat was just nyanning around when her flight was interupted by evil Nayn cats!" or something silly like that could suffice really.

Overall, I liked this as a simple way to try and last through the song as long as you can while having something to do (even though you can mute it, ha!)


I think everyone has already given a lot of great ideas for making this game not only the "Nyan Cat based adventure game" that you said it would be, but also a game above and beyond other Nyan Cat games. Simple mechanics like bosses, upgrades, powerups, a story, varying enemies, more weapons, and being able to hold down space would be great additions. you won't need to tell anyone when that game comes out, because it should be front page material.

there are a couple of problems

1-there are no sound effects the animations are lazy and i guess it probably took you something like 10 minuets to make them
2-when the bad guys get to the other side and DON'T HIT YOU it still lowering you're hp
what was good is the programming but it's not a good game

not good enough

Hard to believe this isn't a solo project

NyanLock responds:

"This is such a positive review", i dont see why people are hating. just enjoy what is in the game now.


And a little broken, I'm afraid. The Nyan Cat meme, while cute, is not really strong enough to make a game out of. What else is there to do but move around space invaders style?

It's also a little broken - the bottom border wasn't placed so you can fly offscreen into infinity, presumably. This same error allowed enemies to sneak up from below and get you before you'd even seen them. Also, why do you lose energy when they reach the left-hand side? It didn't make a whole lot of sense, and yes, I'm aware I'm talking about sense in regards to a flying cat made out of poptarts.

Add some more variation - different enemies (I liked the waffle idea, clever) and power-ups could go a long way to making this game reasonable.