Reviews for "Nyan Cat War"

How i get the THIS IS A TEST MEDAL??? its boring after a while, but ok. it needs upgrades

ok. this is a fairly good game, but number 1) we should have little donuts or cakes or something so we can recover life, 2) it isnt waffle cat, it is Tacnayn, backwards version of nyancat, and 3) we should be able to customize our nyancat or something extra but other than that, it is a very good game!!!!! btw love the name mintpaw and nyanlock!!!!! :) :) :) 4 and a half stars!

It's Nyan Cat!

I thought this was a fairly good game probably because it featured the Nyan Cat so much. I love it how we have a user named NyanLock! Anyway, this was great to watch because of all the Waffletacs flying around. I will say that I didn't like how it seemed to just be the same thing over and over. At least we got to keep up the appearance of those tasty doughnuts! My family had a Christmas party this morning so I'm going to have some treats myself today.

I would suggest you make it so that you can just press the space button and keep on firing. It's always a good idea in a shooting game to have that. This seems like it would have made a good entry for NG Game Jam 6. There's some error, as none of the record times in this seem to be showing up at all. It's good for what it is.


i like the game oriented towards the opposites and its fun space bar spamming play!

i will get you next time tac nayn cat next time

arm was dead after reaching 200,000