Reviews for "Nyan Cat War"


i gave half cuz i love nyan but i dont like him having to die with blood :(

great! I love it!

Cut and fun game you have

To start off on this flash submission will be kind of hard but let me elaborate abit better, it was a fine flash entry had everything going for it, even some nice visuals, and also brought a sort of entertaining value to it, So alot of jibber jabber here from me is unnecessarily, but there were some stuff that was abit cluttered and that can be addressed later.
Good game silly and fun, but thats what you get with that crazy cat, The "MUTE" sound was a good idea i thought,the medals are pretty fun and somewhat easy but not too easy so it was all aright, the graphics well they were ok kinda cute and once again thanks for the mute as the music can get anoying i do have an idea for the shooting maybe it will help, overall I got a good feeling I really took a liking to this Game and It really grew on me, there was lots of nice stuff on this, and some goodplay time as the game was pretty amusinga nd entertaining, some suggestions were made for some adjustments to the game to make it somewhat better and improved, So with all that said, this was pretty decent, allthough it could use more stuff and such, also suggested below, it was still pretty good just needs a tad more effort but it will pay off In the long run, just keep working on it, and always do what is fun to you.

So anyways I really enjoyed this flash Submission here, There could be more Focus on some of the weaker points, but it was actually not that big of a deal, I did like how this was a Clever game and has alot of interesting value to it, Here are some ideas, some would really help, while others might just be more think tank ideas, but in anycase they will help make this flash much better and much more entertaining for all. but i do look forward to seeing more of what you have planned in the future. Continusly pressing the spacebar tends to get tired so having it always shooting while spacebar is pressed would be a good suggestion for improvment, Another idea for improvment on this might be to have a meter or bar that could show howmany enemies you have killed and so on, just an idea or two there.

Becomes a yawnfest after awhile for medals, upgrades/other enemies could make it better?