Reviews for "Bahamut's BDAY Flash"


that was hilarious and i look forword to next years lol

Neat little flash

It's parteh tiem!! Also, was that the AVGN near the end?


2 medals are not working for me.. I keep clicking dr. pepper and the coffee mug but I don't get the medals.

Hacsev responds:

That's because you have to click them on a specific time.


You should not get an medal for doing nothing! Specially not 50 pts! You get 2 stars because of the music, that was kinda funny......

Hacsev responds:

Why the fuck would you complain about that? Isn't that good for you? The whole point of the movie was to celebrate Bahamut's birthday, jerk!


What? How do you get 50 pts for watchin a Fucking random movie?

Hacsev responds:

Same as below.