Reviews for "Bahamut's BDAY Flash"


i know the medals were approved and everything but this is just Bahamut the dragon dancing around in a room while characters are popping out and music plays. i mean come on hascev you can make a better flash than this.

Hacsev responds:

This review sounded a lot like Dream-of-Duke's. Yes, I know I can do better. This was just for practicing with tweens and rotations like I said in the comments.

Happy Biethsday to Dear Bahmut

I was heartbroken that I couldn't attend the Bahamut birthday extrvaganza bash. I will crash the next the party disguised as Trish loves Tubgirl.

The Interactivy with the medals was quite challenging especially with a raging stiffy. Good tweening and etc (for the r. mods)

Happy B-Day

Sweet, Bender from Futurama was there :) He loves to party.


what.... happy b day but what was that?

Great job

Well, that was a good flash...I gues-WOAH wait a minute! A medal for watching this thing, fricking sweet! I love this!