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Reviews for "Pothead Zombies"

2/5 for me. i have always loved games with upgrades and this one makes you focus on accuracy. only complaint is if i close the game to return later i have to start over as it does not save...... other than that i love it.

leonardozimbres responds:

Pothead Zombies 2 have save feature, if I do remember well. I'm almost sure.

Why didn't I ever heard of this game when it came out? Great game, very entertaining. I don't know what the fans are for, though and It would be great if I could restore my health.

leonardozimbres responds:

hehehe, thanks! I'm still thinking if a Pothead Zombies 3 would be good. Maybe some base defense with twin stick controls...

I love this game, I've played this years ago when it was newer, but even now it's still fun. Also, you have to be the one to have the HMG and your Partner needs the Carbine.

Do the Pothead Zombies driving vehicles drive with their knees?.... ;)
Simple Defense game. Upgrades made it entertaining. I found it a bit laggy. Not sure exactly what the fans do, maybe missed the explanation somewhere? I thought it was fun.

I thought the idea was good, but it was just overly repetitive, as well as the fact that no strategy other than "click and hold" was needed.