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Reviews for "Pothead Zombies"

This was a pretty fun experience, having that partner helping you out and killing all those zombies all over the place xD
The strangest and most confusing things are probably the achievements that won't unlock even if you do everything possible to get them ( ummm... is the creator of this a pothead zombie?`Seems like so )

There's also quite a bit of lag later on when there's multiple zombies on the field, but this is not as much of an issue as the upper case.
Overall, seemed like a pretty decent experience to me ^_^


Great defense game. I actually played it back in '11 and came back today. Never finished it until now. Was expecting a tank with a joint for cannon as final boss, but it's okay - wasn't disappointed with the current one.

Can't believe you guys changed the game's name once because it offended someone. I believe there is no reason to ban any drugs for adult consumption, and, nonetheless, the setting of the game is far from being "bigoted" against drug users. They are simply the antagonist - Although I believe tobacco smokers could have been included too (tobacco is far more dangerous than pot).

leonardozimbres responds:

Hi there!

Hum... we changed the latest game's name because of the iOS release. We're not sure if it would offend someone at Apple, so we tried changing the name.

Yep, tobacco is way worse. They are included on this first game, the enemies that get out of the wrecked car are tobacco smokers.

Sometimes, we at Z&L ask ourselves if we should work on a "Pothead Zombies HD Plus" version for Steam. But one thing that I ask myself is, "should I do it? With a different name? Will people always remember me as the Pothead game guy?"

How are you supposed to shoot? Clicking doesn't work. No instructions are provided either.

Is clicking supposed to work? Is this one of those games which only works correctly under Chrome but not Firefox? Really people gotta cut that out. Test your games on at least Chrome *and* Firefox. (Now I go try it on Chrome and see if it's playable under that because it's certainly not playable under Firefox)

leonardozimbres responds:

Hi buddy!
Just click to shoot, nothing much. Maybe some new adobe update or browse issue is going on. Did you got success playing it on Chrome?

Appreciate it, but I can't reach the ,,The perfect duo'' medal.