Reviews for "Kawaii Robo Star: Xtreme"

I think that...

... people will either think this is funny, or just wont understand the humor at all.

I thought, for what it was, it was great. The animation was awesome and the timing for the jokes was good. The sounds the robots made were awesome too. It was smart and lulzy, and it didn't seem pretentious, or bad in a trying-too-hard way.

I think any other issues I would have with this would be personal preferences, like style or execution, so it's not fair to judge this because of those.

I just loved the whole jammed printer robot concept most of all. I think that tied it all up for me.


Sorry but i just didn't find it funny, to sum it all up it was too childish for me, and it was random as well, i usually find most random stuff funny....but this didn't cut it for me

i even let my little brother watch it and asked him what score he would give this flash vid....and he said, he would give it a 2/5

but as far as animation goes, its quite decent, i love the detail in both characters and the background

p.s. detail is good, but don't neglect the content

AxelTheNavy responds:

Yeah it was corny, but that was the point, as much as a cop out as it sounds. It's supposed to be corny. VERY corny. It's parodical robot humor. That's why I gave them stereotypical box designs and old school sound effects.

Your brother sounds sophisticated as well. I bet he reads the New York Times while sipping Merlot and watching Frasier with his feet rested on a mink ottoman.

It's funny because

You lampshade everything that is wrong with modern anime. This has my full support. The problem with the industry today is this stupid homogeneous bullshit with MAGICAL SCHOOLGIRL NAMED X DOES Y AND QUESTS FOR Z. Everything is magical schoolgirl and it's getting on my fucking nerves. Baka Test, Bleach, DNAngel (I'm considering the main character a girl because he has everything but a vagina), and pretty much anything else I can think of. Hell, the only exception to modern mahou-shoujo being shitty is Puella, and that's only because it's so fucking freaky and trippy. Shit is scary. I'm practically waiting for the majokko genre to start consuming every other genre, like some kind of amorphous blob or other horrendous simile or something.

Long story short, I fucking like this. Everything needs to start being as good as Cowboy Bebop again or we all look like weeaboo faggots. Ten fucking stars. Five out of five. I love you guys.




that was a good laugh :D


Simple great.