Reviews for "Kawaii Robo Star: Xtreme"

i have to admit

i actually laughed at the end1

waste of good drawing skills.....

The animation looked just wonderful, the shadman also did a nice job on the background. It just wasn't really funny.
I mean, it was mostly: robots say some boring stuff and then explode, wich has been done before (just not with robots) and wasn't really funny then.
And the funniest thing was a cock joke wich was actually a funny cock joke for once. Since it took the flash time for something like that and was done in a quirky way.
Also liked hearing some really old-school sound-effects (I think from the jetsons), was nice to hear something nostalgic like that again.

But overall, the flash was just too boring, as it felt it didn't really have a punch line or was well written. You could have at least used some clever subtle refferences from some mech animes. It was just a video with pretty much some random shit happening, and not random in a funny way.

I just really don't know what to think of this flash, it all looks really well drawn (like you guys really made an effort to try and make something good) but it feels like just another kitty krew troll thing.


maybe very predecible..

Well this was fun!

Huh, I never thought you guys would take robot day in a different direction with making the Kawaii Battle Stars a bunch of robots. And I must admit in there robo form their 5x as fucked up then their normal counterpart! And the sad part is there are animes like this...and it's a parody ffs!

That said I hope you guys plan on continuing this series
(Also you guys aren't thinking of doing another Runkachunk parody in the future are you? Response would be appreciated)

It sucked I hated it.

Yet for some reason I see 10 stars on my review....

but seriously..

awesome animation. Extremely well put out and the crew who worked on this did an amazing job as well. The artist was just freakin amazing and as for you the Author. You did a wonderful job with the idea and creation. I also want to give credit to Spazkid for what ever he did. Awsome! Getting a 5 in the vote and a 10 for the idea. Though I would give a 7 for this being just a short work animation. Other then that. I loved it non the less. This was a deserving 10/10 for robot day. "Even though it was hard to understand some of the voices." I think that should be some thing worked on.

Other then that. I don't know much about the real hard work animators take to create these things SO I can't justify if this is a piece of lazy work or one that took the heart to create.

oh and do make more. "I wonder if you guys could create a game based version of some thing like this." Nah be a bad idea. LOL Lazor/what ever/ some thing launcher. That was great.