Reviews for "Kawaii Robo Star: Xtreme"

Yeah, Whatever

Turn it down to low quality so the dot matrix printer can print that dick faster.

AxelTheNavy responds:


Oh Mr Sun, Sun, Mr golden Sun.

Paul told me I had to dignify this with a indepth review because I sounded like a tool so here it is.

this flash is good
suck my dick Paul.

AxelTheNavy responds:


Joke Overlord

Gurren and Gundan should be ashamed of be so bad in comparation with this

AxelTheNavy responds:

They can't compete!


Taped on boobs ftw.
Best Robot Day Flash ever.

If it has SpazKid, it has penis

This was actually...... funny.. o_o even though half of the time I couldn't understand any of the voices..... much less understand what's going on XD
10/10 because I was able to masturbate to Guitarmasterx7's voice.