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Reviews for "Meet Robot for Robotday"

that was so funny!!! :D

Ecspecially the part when robotboy said "Hi I'm robotboy and I'm gonna kick your ass."

I'll Admit It

I liked this. I seriously, honest to God, liked this. I didn't laugh but I chuckled and smiled through just about the whole thing. The behind the scenes thing was well, interesting to say the least and I loved the sound effects. They were totally bad ass.

Wonderful sound effects and voice!

It was like a combination of Fred Fredburger and Fozzie Bear. (I kept waiting for the Wocka Wocka Wocka!) It was clever and quite funny, though some of the jokes did fall flat. Keep working on it, this definitely has the potential to be super awesome!

Pretty good.

It was original and funny. I liked the sound effects and the puppet at the end. Great job.

*LAUGH*hahahhah!!!!!!super funny...that was epic!