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Reviews for "Meet Robot for Robotday"


Primebuster sounds like Dr. Doofenshmirtz roboticized! XD


If i stand on them they make red spots! Hahahaha
Awesome Flash!!!

Looks like his day just got... "stepped on". ¬¬

I thought this was pretty good. The voice work was funny, and I thought the animations for the robot was good as well. I also like how the robot blends into the scenery. Very enjoyable to watch.

Better than I expected!

I have to say, I half expected it to be a rushed job for only 2 days work, dude! But even with only 2 days to get what I recorded as audio into an animated form, it turned out amazingly well :D Ha! I thought you were going to replace the sound effects i did with actual proper ones. This makes it funnier though!

(On a side note, thanks to all the folk who likened my voice to Fozzy and FredFred Burger, I LOVE those characters. I can spell mah name reaaal good. F R E D F R E D B U R G E R. Fredfredburger - yes!)

aww poor robot

i would be happy to go to the beach. ill try to squish people as best as i can!