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Reviews for "Meet Robot for Robotday"

Looks like his day just got... "stepped on". ¬¬

I thought this was pretty good. The voice work was funny, and I thought the animations for the robot was good as well. I also like how the robot blends into the scenery. Very enjoyable to watch.


If i stand on them they make red spots! Hahahaha
Awesome Flash!!!


Primebuster sounds like Dr. Doofenshmirtz roboticized! XD

i agree

but i didnt agree with the rating it was gaven,i do like being geerous and stuff but i dont think this is funny,it got annoying at one point but the little robot puppet surprised me,i agree with xounds and mrharkein,

P.S. i think they just mite do the same sounds

I'll Admit It

I liked this. I seriously, honest to God, liked this. I didn't laugh but I chuckled and smiled through just about the whole thing. The behind the scenes thing was well, interesting to say the least and I loved the sound effects. They were totally bad ass.