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Reviews for "Meet Robot for Robotday"


every one bow down to are robot leaderand get ready to splater


My impression:
moderate animation
cheap sound effects
hilarious after-credits scene

tbh, i never cared for this much

i mean, its well done, the jokes are ok, and its all around "ok", but something is keeping it bland to me. i have no idea honestly.

i think it might be the voice, the odd and pointless writing, i have no clue.

its good, but it could be much fucking better.

Liked it but couldn't help but think...

I was waiting for the point where he would suggest that he liked nachos and yogurt. Sounded almost exactly like Fred Fredburger from the Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy. In anycase the animation was nice, the concept was good but not great, and it was entertaining enough, more so then a lot of the animations on here recently, so kudos!


This animation needs more collapsing buildings imho.