Reviews for "Second Chance"

Master like

what one can do with the power of love

Not bad at all =]

I give you a 10 because that was rather decent design (Simple but hey, it ran smoothly and didn't 'stick',) the characters weren't sloppy, and it was a cute story. It was like a bed time story put into a 2 minute movie. Kawaii~


simply amazing

Good work

I enjoyed it for what it is and I'm okay with the anti-climatic end, but the song during the credits really killed it for me, I would much rather the credits stay silent to allow the viewer to have a moment of silence to speculate about they have just seen.

Nicely done!

Good movie, but only thing, when I'm saw that it's 18.5 mb, I think "That's gona be a big movie", but it isn't. But great seriously.

hrechkaness responds:

I apologize for the large file size. The animation wasn't created in Flash, it was made in After Effects. The original size was 378MB so I compressed it as much as I could without butchering the quality. Thank you for the review!