Reviews for "Second Chance"

Liked it, but...

Seems u ran out of patience in the end^^ Even so, not bad :)

hrechkaness responds:

Not so much patience, time :( Thanks for the review!

great effort

The story isn't fully explained, a stray dog can be repaired whereas scavenging for scrap is not allowed?

And there is no transition between running away from the dump to coming home, which makes the emotional scene rather abrupt, hardly giving any time for viewers to gather sympathy.


Ran outta time. It was pretty good. Was it me or there were a lot of metroid sounds?:O

Great but something's missing

It was very emotive, it also reminds me the movie Wall-E.
Good job

hrechkaness responds:

Wall-E was actually a bit of inspiration for this movie. I'm happy it came off that way :) Thx for the review!

Almost but not quite

It's too bad you ran outa time. I really thought you had some good story there...