Reviews for "Second Chance"

not bad

this flash was somewhat poorly done, but i still enjoyed it. taking into consideration how you ran out of time this is an acceptable flash. i wouldve enjoyed seeing the relationship between the blue robot and the pink one leading up to him giving his life for her or perhaps sheding some light as to how he came to this part in his life, seeing something along those lines wouldve been better for the conclusion of him doing what he did. but hey, you ran out of time, still an intriguing little flash none the less.

it might be coming?

There has to be a second one right? please!!!
i mean theres so much not answered does the girl robot live to give the guy robot power? why are there bombings? so much... so little time jk
please make another one!

could'ce shown more about why they bombed

It was nice, relaxing and most of all adorable.

Good, but could have been better

Just when the animation was getting really interesting, it ended, and very abruptly. for a second i thought that the female robot would get up and do something, or whatnot. You know, get some closure on the subject for the audience. To borrow from another reviewer, it looks like you ran out of patience in the end.

And while the suspense factor was well done, it could have been supplemented with a desperate chase back to the robots home or something. Just a thought!

Storywise, I wasn't able to percieve a whole lot. Sure, the robot fixes other robots for a hobby or living, but why the heck was he willing to give up his life for the other 'bot? Was it his wife? or love? or was he simply programmed to be ridiculously compassionate and selfless? No one knows except you of course. You don't even have to add a whole lot to explain things either, if you decide to change it. just little things like the robot looking a photograph containing the the girl 'bot or something.

Lastly, the animation itself wasn't too bad, but it also looked incredibly flat like moving paper over paper. I suggest adding shadows and lighting to help suggest depth.

Anywho, just my suggestions/observations. I know it's a long list of criticisms, but honestly it wasn't too shabby at all, and I see a lot of potential here. Just needs a few improvements, and then it will be awesome.

hrechkaness responds:

I agree with everything you wrote. Thank you for the constructive criticism :)

little lost

Not much really in this animation, Storywise there was none. A nice explanation would of been better even if it was through the authors comments, Something! Another thing, He found a arm and made a girl bot? Did he just happen to have a slut bot laying around at his robo bachelor pad? and some tweens were kinda awkward, for instance the walk animation. These are important assets to any flash film.

hrechkaness responds:

Hey now, be nice :P. My focus was finishing on time and some sacrifices were made. Hence the lack of story and quickly animated walk cycles. There is much I would have done differently from looking at it but I'm still satisfied with what I came up with in the amount of time.