Reviews for "Second Chance"

Huge File Size

How did you have 18.5 MB of data on a compressed file with that short of an animation? I don't know. But I'm with sintheassassin: I want a Part II.

Anyways, it was a great little animation, and I really wish you could make more. And, if you do, try not to rest on your laurels, okay?

very good :D

Better be a part 2 :C

good animation

that was a good animation smooth and looks good but i think u can make part 2 when the pink robot wakes up and find the blue robot next to her this gonna be a good start of part 2 and u can explain a lot of the story in that part

Good, good, and not, not good.

It was reasinably a good short animation seeing as the main robot searched for parts for a lady robot and giving her his energy source leaving himself to who knows what. Sort of touching though very good. Part 2 would be a great touch too. *Runs from coming kamikaze*

Pretty good.

I really do hope there's a second one, since we're all left guessing to things!
Although... I read a few reviews and people seem to be wondering if the Pink robot will find a power source for the Blue robot. I thought Blue was commiting suicide, personally, since I didn't see him manage to put his power source into her.
It has me wondering now...