Reviews for "Second Chance"

poor robot

suck to be him doesnt it

At first I thought. . .

they could both share the battery/heart, but they would always be alone, never to truly be together, and that would be hell.

-very nice flash, the kind were the story is the biggest reason it is good, though it looks and sounds good too-


story definatly took a supriseing turn at the end there. I definatly dig the use of Metroid sound effects lol good job. Needs work tho. Lookin forward to more submissions.

Kinda meh.

You tweened it, you tweened everything. No story line.
The title doesnt relate to the movie cuz when he's dead, there will be no difference.

Just a women walking around instead, tho you putted some effort into it and therefore you deserve something.


so good,really got my sad. :*(