Reviews for "Second Chance"

Poor Bot

It seems like this robot is confused, or suicidal.

At first he seems nice and caring, but than commits suicide by bringing another bot he rebuilt back to life.

No back story makes this short very confusing, and the robot's death meaningless.

Also, bombing a trash dump is not the most efficient way to get rid of trash.

Nice Tribute!

In the 1950s there was a graphic novel or pulp comic book series about a robot in a dystopian future who collects junk leftover from us (similar to Wall-E) but he finds a female robot's arm sticking out of the sand, but she's attatched to it. I'm not sure if he was able to reactivate her or not, it's been awhile since I read it. This would be great to consider re-doing at some future date when you have more time. Otherwise, this is an excellent piece, great job!

hrechkaness responds:

Wall-E was actually a big influence to me while making the script for this animation. I haven't read the comic you are referring to so I would have no doubt that Wall-E was influenced by that story if it dates that far back. If you find out the name of the comic I would love to read it seeing as how my story is so closing related to it unintentionally lol. Thanks for the review!

sad robot

poor robot. first,he has to run for his life then he doesnt get 2 give life to his robot girlfriend.how sad........:'(


Someone lieks Metroid

I think you had something.

You could have had a deep meaning behind it but like you said, you ran out of time. It was very short and it had very little substance in it, could have been great if there was more of a story to it though...