Reviews for "Second Chance"


Purpose/Story: 7/10 (very relevant)
Music/Sound: 8/10 (relevant)
Animation/Style: 8/10 (relevant)
Length: 10/10 (not so relevant)
FunFactor: 8/10 (very relevant)

Three different scenes: Dog, bombardment and pink robot.
And they don't make any reference to one another, I mean, why drop bombs? What's up with the dog in the beginning?
Too many questions, no answer...
And the robot friggin dies at the end, without accomplishing anything.
Well, he tried, though.


i dont get whats happening
needs more of an eplanation

@Mitch, EpicNorriS, and Talemir

Mitch and EpicNorriS both seem to mis-comprehend the meaning of Talemir's review, and I frankly agree with him. This is a mediocre animation with a good idea. The execution is what could be better. Small things like when the blue robot is walking, and his feet kind of slide back instead of holding where they are like something real would, is important. Plus, there is too much using of the same model, and the entire animation seems 2-Dimentional. Like when the robot uses his rocket-feet, his left foot is DIRECTLY in front of his right foot, and it's just too 2-D. If Plus the FPS is bad, so you didn't really work that out.

Plus, you should never talk down to or demean your viewers, thats how you lose them.

hrechkaness responds:

I'm trying to grow out of childish responses from my teen years. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and I think all animations will have their fair share of spam or abusive reviews. I choose to ignore hatemail and try to focus on the ones that are constructive and concise. When I see a reviewer trying to make a just point while undermining my work and Newgrounds it is a bit frustrating. I know he was trying to make a couple key points of things I could have worked on but he strayed too far away from them for the review to be received as constructive. I addressed the comments I had a problem with and responded to them. If his true intent was suggestions for improvement then I would have never responded the way I did. I value my viewers and am thankful for anyone who has taken the time to view my work. Thank you for watching and I appreciate your input!


kind of a sad story


It's just that you don't understand the true meaning of this flash. And the title isn't given just like that as well. Just try to think a bit more.