Reviews for "Second Chance"

Short and sweet

I enjoyed it, the animation was nice and the ending was endearing. Nicely done.

Quite boring video

The story is quite thin, it does not last long at all and has no details, it is very linear and barly nothing unexpected happens. The air bombing was unexpected yes, but the impact of the event was noexistant to the plot.

And the file is stupid big. It is about 17½ MB too big. Drop the video and not only will the file size be sane, you will fix the horrible blur problem that you have.

hrechkaness responds:

Harsh critic I see. Ignoring your first statements the file size is large because the movie was created in After Effects, not Flash. The original movie is 378MB so I compressed it as much as I could without completely destroying the quality. That might explain the "horrible blur problem" that bugs you so much. If you would like to see it in higher quality I left links on the loading page to two other sources.


That was great! It was a sad tale, but I really enjoyed it! Great animations and a wonderful story of love!


it's great animation man it was very... romantic, a little short but was grwat anyway