Reviews for "Second Chance"

Could have been better

Congradulations on getting the cartoon used for Robot Day 2011 (the new one at least)! This probably had the best animation of anything I've watched today. The downside was that it really seems like it led to an anti-climax. It just seemed like it was getting so good with putting an emotional side to it. At least the main robot managed to achieve his goal. The lack of dialogue also put a really good artistic tone to this, even if it wasn't that well done.

The coolest part was probably when everything was getting blown up! I didn't understand it, but it was awesome! It makes me wish there had been more of a climax with a big battle. Still, this seems to have the highest score for anything on Robot Day and I think it will win Daily Feature! And who says robots can't feel emotion?

hrechkaness responds:

Thank You for the honest review! I would have liked to expand more on the story but I ran out of time if I wanted to get this in for Robot Day. With that said, I am so thankful that this is being so well received. I may expand on this in the future or maybe make pt.2 for next years Robot Day :D Cheers!

I liked it

though the animation could use some work

Nothing special

The concept is great, but it's not very well done. Not to mention that most of the music and sound was taken directly from metroid prime. Not worth the ling load

sad yet happy

at the end it was sad to see him die but at least he saved his friend

Good stuff!

I enjoyed the animation, it was different. The fact the story ran short but had ample content made it easy to watch. A nicely animated flash with a touching ending.

Well done.