Reviews for "Lil' Jose's Build-a-Bot"

My ending

what the fuck... great game anyway

test-object responds:

Sorry, NicKoLa93 :||3

sooo funny

finished the game and got all the medals and robots...very good jokes there with the robot's but the best wa that with the teddy bear...manXD...that was hillariousXD

Great game

The graphics were very nice
the gameplay was great the jokes were good too
the music was a bit funny
And of course the robots were awesome


Nice game. I realy like robots and this game is awsome! Realy liked robots, all of the are awsome


The game was awesome and it was fun to see all the robots, but seriously? That's all I get? A 30 second video of deleted content?

test-object responds:

TharosTheDragon would like to clarify the bonus is over 1 minute. Also, the bonus is a bit different now ;)