Reviews for "Lil' Jose's Build-a-Bot"


This is a very awesome game! great work on the endings, i loled hard at a couple of them!

haha pretty awesome.

I was demterminded to get that green bot and i gott em!

very fun I loved it, as soon as Toms online ill have approve the medals n stuff

great work!

test-object responds:

Who are you and why are you reviewing this D:

You get 10 cause noobs dont give you 10

Noob spam and Rager and destroyer of life bellow



I unlocked all metals my fastest time was 41 secs only hit like 3 gears so should be true 44-45 Love this game

Absolutely fun!

I loved the gameplay, the robots, and the bonus. The Music was awesome too, although one part made me remember The Sims.
I couldn't find a thing wrong with this. 10/10!