Reviews for "Lil' Jose's Build-a-Bot"


I got all of the achievements =D
The only problem i have with this game is that at about the time i built 5 robots it became sort of boring and repetitive. but other then that, super fun!

Innovative, but...

So. It's clever and fun and I've never seen anything like it. But...it begins to get tedious after a while. I feel like you could have done more with this gameplay mechanic. After a while, it becomes the same level over and over with a slightly changed ending. Perhaps the addition of upgrades and hazards could make this more interesting, and I hope to see a sequel where this (already brilliant) game is improved upon further.

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I really liked the game, but come on whats with the bonus man? I worked hard for that. I didnt think id be getting education, i came to newgrounds to get away from learning and burn some brain cells.

test-object responds:

We figured it might feel that an in-game bonus would've been pointless after you'd already done everything. We'll try alternating game-play a bit more in the future.

very very cool

awesome :)

Great game.

This took some time but it was worth it.