Reviews for "Lil' Jose's Build-a-Bot"

great game

however is there a way to save your progress?

test-object responds:

Your progress is saved automatically once you've gotten a robot.


great game, especially liked the gravity mechanics, but whats with the bonus content? I feel like I just wasted two hours of my life :(.

was interesting

pretty good game. it was awesome watching the different bots come together. (not mentioning how hilarious it was when you had 5 different parts on screen)

only complaint is how luck based it is for good times and how repetitive the gameplay gets. Still is an awesome game though.

Nickola93 & MasterMerol... Then; Everyone else!

Nickola93: WTF!? lol that was messed up! lol I didn't expect that at all! XD

MasterMerol: ...That... That was creepy...'nuff said... lol while that WAS creepy, I also thought that it was good, in a funny way! XD

The other peoples: This was a fun and funny game! I enjoyed it alot, lol, thanks for making it!

its fun and all but

is jose a toddler or a adult i mean there are so many mixed messages

test-object responds:

I wish I knew leefish... I wish I knew : <