Reviews for "Lil' Jose's Build-a-Bot"


Got all the robots on the first time I played this! Highly addictive, really imaginative, and robotic. 10 for 10 man, 10 for 10

Holy robots, batman!

Okay, this was... actually kinda cool. Some of the reasons for the robots were strange.
The bots themselves were all pretty cool, and the fact that the parts you were currently using never dropped again until after you got rid of them was downright nice.
Also the music? Never got old. A lot of background music does, but this was just perfect.
All in all a fun game, even if it is just a time waster, and the reward for completing all 18 was underwhelming.

test-object responds:

Make sure to visit NuclearStrike's userpage for more of his goodness ;)
He'd be grateful.

Fun but somewhat laggy

At times i found the controls to be really slow and had late reaction times.

test-object responds:

You might get lag because of the quality being too high. Toggle the Q in the right down corner.


The game was awesome and it was fun to see all the robots, but seriously? That's all I get? A 30 second video of deleted content?

test-object responds:

TharosTheDragon would like to clarify the bonus is over 1 minute. Also, the bonus is a bit different now ;)

great going :D

If there is 2 things that I hate it is facebook 1 and then lastly games that just force you to give it attention
This game is one of them :D
And Im not going to stop unless ive got all these bots


test-object responds:

bleep bloop