Reviews for "Robot Retriever"

good game

I found this game to be a lot better than I expected. I almost quit when I started the tutorial - I thought this game was going to be a copy of Red Remover, but it wasn't. The gameplay is exceptional, but I had one small error. To select anything (be it a block, a robot, or a button to turn) I had to click slightly above it to "click it". But overall an exceptional game.

Challenging but satisfying

Simple, well-implemented concepts combined with some great level design make this very enjoyable to play. It's fiendishly tricky at times, but ultimately rewarding.

Nice Game

I really enjoyed it. The unique gameplay and interesting level design combine to make this a very enjoyable game to play. I am surprised that the score is not higher, because this ia a very nice game. The graphics were a little bit lacking, and themusic got a little repetitive on some of the levels that take longer, but it was still very nice.

This is pretty good.

I like the premise of the game. It looks like your skills have improved since your "Divine Comedy" game, this one seems to look and feel better.

Interesring game

So here was an interesting game you have here very fun and it has some game plan lay that really is smooth some background details could be better but the graphics overall is really good so a unique game here and just overall a fun time with it so keep up the good games

Some background details could be better