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Reviews for "The Sagittarian 3"

is it possible to beat the first scenario?

the one where anna dies? is it possible to even beat that one? because I've been through it a bunch of times, and I can't find an ending that doesn't involve me getting shot, burned, or eaten :(

Fun as hell...

...but I'm left confused. Does the first scenario have ANY chance of survival? Every choice seems to lead to getting embarrassingly killed by a zombie or getting killed by those f*cking bikers.

There's no stopping you!

So yeah, I played your first sagittarian, and I loved it...
"But too bad, the ending looks pretty solid to me, I don't think I'll see a sequel"
Bam, sagittarian 2, and I liked it just as much
"Bummer, these one has multiple endings, Buh bye, sagittarian series"
I was wrong, thankfully wrong...
Characters are awesome, as usual (frikkin' love Sage, always did), and it has the trademark feel good music that I love from these series...
And as always, this game is awesome even if you end up dying (wolfenstein is dangerous, isn't it?)
So yeah, nothing more to say, really, I loved this game...
Keep on doing awesome stuff, bro!

I thougth Nate also was dead in the gambling fever scenario? Still a kick ass game though keep it up!

good game and why all the medals are secret