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Reviews for "The Sagittarian 3"

Once again SUPERB!

Another great flash with even more goodness than the last. Can not wait for part 4 this has become a very enjoyable series better than most zombie entertainment out their. A true example of the excellence that Flash artists are capable of.

I really do

Love these game. You really have to explore over and over again, to find all the many different endings/deaths :)

Nice that you could play from the 4 different endings from game 2 :)


The series is totally epic and funny as all hell. I thoroughly enjoyed the many deaths of Shane. And personally I wouldn't mind bringing him back for the 4th installment just to pick on him some more :-D Overall the idea has been done before but you put your own original twist on it and I am LOVING it. Wouldn't stop playing till I got every medal.

And P.S., I'm digging the music, it works so well for the story line.


just bought a ticket for the s.s.BADASS

the game is amazing but i don't lie the santa part. :(

Hyptosis responds:

Sorry D: