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Reviews for "The Sagittarian 3"

so amazing + Awsome Boob!

this game is so amazing that i can't wait for the forth if there is going to be one and going to see all the new endings will be fun as ever + can't wait for the funny jokes so ya can't wait gonna be fun!

The games great

But.. I couldnt seem to find a way too beat "A man in the wilderness" where anna dies. I mean everything i try ends up getting me killed, as hilarious as it is anyway. Is there no other way? Or am i missing something? Someone tell me please.

Hyptosis responds:

The idea is that you went insane in your life of solitude, hence all the game and pop culture references. Thanks, stay cool.


the best selecting game or something ive ever played

I love this game! Every ending is awesome, and I fell in love with the characters.
I have to say that I like Shane a lot though...

lmao! my friend chose all the wrong choices XD pretty good work still waiting for more.. ;)