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Reviews for "The Sagittarian 3"

"I hunger for more"

The game's story and choices keeps it from getting stale and adds humor to it. i can't wait for the next one. Great job! I wonder what you will do to top this one, because this is one is pretty damn awesome. The radio has a touch in the story. it would be funny and weird if you did a sex scene with choices with Anna naked, that would be pretty awkward, lol. 10/10.

easter egg

does anybody notice that in gambling fever, shane is alve, but he died in the sagittarian 2 when sage killed him after he crashed the bus?!

i wait for ep 4 ;D

awesome man art is nice music is great (i gona eat u make my day) best story "a man in the wilderness" (Anna died) xD text line from Aliens kills me xD great job

i am a great fan of this game and had some free time on my hands i made a guild for the new ones and recorded the newer zombies also ive made a mapish thing but not very acurate overall i like the storyline of te game also how it takes half luck and half skill to win

i love games like this, especially with zombies. now all i have to do is KILL F#&*ING NATE!!!!