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Reviews for "The Sagittarian 3"

great work!

I have to say that I waited for it for a couple of weeks now and I'm really surprised it didn't hit the frontpage. As always, great music, great story, bikers, hillbillies, zealots, Nate, explosions, you name it. I have to admit that A Man in the Wilderness (Anna lived) has become my favorite story, though they were all interesting in their own way.
And be careful, there may be zerg in the forest. )

Hyptosis responds:

Hey thanks. I'm hoping that after robot day it might get noticed, they still haven't approved my medals either which is kinda frustrating, but it looks like their being unlocked is still being recorded on people's pages.

This Shit is Awesome!

I always loved those decide your own fate games, and the fact that this is an extremely well done, zombie themed one, makes it Soooooo much better! It was Great and i'm forced to play the second one again just to understand the SS Gambler beginning. Great work! I Can't wait for the next one!


Nicely done, I really enjoyed this series. Hope there will be more!

Godly game as always mate.
The music is superb as always as well.
Perfect job mate.

"i love shootin hillbillies by moonlight" -captain sage