Reviews for "The Sagittarian 3"


It was amazing, but i wanted more. Much, much more.

For So long,Another One

I have been waiting for so long,
Love It!!
As Usual,BUT

Where's the medals?the other 2 episodes have.

When It does,i will play it again to explore the endings.
and other stuff,if there are any...

Keep Up the (very) good Work!

Hyptosis responds:

Have to wait on them to be approved.

Finally part 3!!!

Yeah I waited for this!
I love Sagittarian!
Now I cant wait for part 4 :P
Good sound, good graphic, good story and now boobs hurray!!! :D

@MFanatik: If you dont like the music, then mute it :P

Not bad

Good art but the music so anoying

Hyptosis responds:

Added a mute button. It's super easy to press.