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Reviews for "The Sagittarian 3"

Oh God, the writing is so...

Amazing! If you could make a cartoon, a show, a series, a game... Oh wait, this is a selective game. But directing my review to the point, I played since the first, and I have to say I'm kinda attached to the characters, the writing and conclusions are so off the curve. I hope you continue and provide us more amazing experience and awesome selection of music.

once again..

a incredible sequel. You really know how to keep me reading everything, it's so great man. Now after a while i noticed these thing about the characters:

Sage - the leader, his actions are just awesome
Anna - is a dangerously HOT chick
You - lucky for doing Anna and after dying innumerable times still make it to the end.
Shane - No matter what, he always gets fucked up and nobody seems to like him
Nate - stalker zombie
Dusty - meh.. just a background character.

i'll probably never get tired of these series Keep it up

Hyptosis responds:

My idea for Dusty was that he's kinda the air head guy that everyone still likes. =P


Wicked installment, Bra.
WICKED. Makes me wish it was real. BOOOM. STICK. BABY.

Pure awesome

Absolutely awesome like all other episodes. I hope you make more episodes soon. There is nothing wrong with this game except that Shane is still alive but that is just minor error :).

good game

I got all of the medals