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Reviews for "The Sagittarian 3"


i still dont know how to get the ending for the man in the wilderness(anna dies) if anyone knows how to get it please tell me via PM, but still a awesome game.

Great game

Great game, just replayed all the others today. The critiques I do have is that there be more realism and not randomness. It would be much fun if players could actually have to use their brain and think of a POSSIBLE scenario that could happen and then avoid it. Not just random zombies popping up. If you do keep the randomness then add a chance to survive it. The random rocket launcher attack or mine gets a bit ridiculous at times. I'm all for twists and turns but some dots have to be connected for the sake of making sense.

I hope there is a part 4 soon! Really enjoyed it.

But what did shane ever do that made everybody hate him so much?

Hyptosis responds:

Shane was a real jerk in the first game, and no one has forgiven him.


ive been wating for this game part 3 i hope thers another part 4 oh and i realy like this part too keep up the good work :)

Liked it...

I did enjoy the game, although it wasn't even in the same range as the other installments. I loved the first one more then this.